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Post Suggestions

What are you currently working on, would you like some new ideas? Is there something you always knew could be done better? Do you have some tips, tricks and best practices to share?

Suggest future posts.

Here are some of the things I am thinking about.

  1. Lab analysis
  2. DE and Pad filtration
  3. Stacking Barrels and other Barrel Work
  4. Gassing Wine Tanks
  5. Bottling Machine Hacks
  6. A year ago in winehacker. What might I have written in 2010?
  7. Great ideas that failed. Could be small a one like freezing my tongue to get magic shell ice cream topping to encase my tongue, could be a bigger one like wondering what would happen if I added every product that I could  to a wine?
  8. How do you write a back label?
  9. Favorite online resources.
  10. ???
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